West Park Photography



Hello there! We are Lynn + Andy, the couple behind West Park Photography. In 2007, we took a lifelong passion for photography and channeled it into what you see here. We are a small studio by choice and limit ourselves to about 20-25 weddings a year. We feel that is a comfortable number that allows us to best serve the needs of our clients.

The name "West Park" comes from the neighborhood we live in, in Grosse Pointe Park. While we started our business photographing weddings, we thought eventually we'd offer portraits locally. Instead we ended up filling up our calendar with weddings all over Michigan. So much for choosing a "local" name!

We each have over a decade of photographic experience each, we are insured, and use the finest equipment available.


We feel our best work comes from unscripted moments. We love emotional images. We love details. And we love couples that are willing to put their trust in us and go along with a suggestion that may sound crazy once in awhile!

Above all though, we love a good story. Our goal is to tell yours in a way that's honest and compelling.

We find inspiration in fashion magazines, films, trips to the museum, and from things as simple as people watching.

Our images and albums are edited in a style that's clean, consistant, and timeless. We occasionally may apply a more artistic editing style to an image, but we always include "clean" copies of your images as well. It's important to us that your images stand the test of time.


Want to know more about us? We met because of a leaky fuel filter on a Vespa, just weeks before Lynn was to photograph her first wedding. We ended up working together on that wedding and every one since. Lynn made Andy switch to Canon. Andy made Lynn switch to Mac. (Lynn is still not pleased about that one.) Lynn is a huge animal lover, has a wicked sense of humor, and is currently obsessing over interior decorating blogs. She may or may not own too many handbags.

Andy has lived all over the US, and has traveled extensively abroad - his favorite stops have been Japan, India, and Greece. He knows how to build guitars from scratch, and fixed the aforementioned leaky Vespa fuel filter. He also can fix your computer *while *updating your blog - 'cause he's that good. He likes the pets more than he lets on.

We are both unapologetic geeks who love the latest gadgets, and spend too much time in front of the computer. We love bands like Radiohead, Iron & Wine, and Sigur Ros. We watch Weeds and Dexter. We work a lot. But we love what we do.